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This is the easiest way to start downloading utorrent and use it , Torrent used because it's easy and safe

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Similar to needing a URL, like, to go to a website and download content, a .torrent file is required to download content available through BitTorrent.

So where do you go about looking for these .torrent files? Searching with your favorite search engine, and attaching the word torrent to the query generally works wonders in finding you decent results, but µTorrent also includes a built-in search bar to some of the more popular .torrent file search engines.

Adding a Torrent

Once you obtain the .torrent file you wish to download, you simply import it into µTorrent. There are several ways of achieving this in µTorrent:

Double-click the .torrent file (only if .torrent files are associated with µTorrent)

Drag-and-drop the .torrent file into µTorrent

Select "File" then "Add Torrent" (or press Ctrl+O) in µTorrent and open the .torrent file

If you know the direct URL to the .torrent file, but don't have it on your hard drive, you can select "File" then "Add Torrent from URL" (or press Ctrl+U) in µTorrent and enter the URL of the .torrent file

After opening the .torrent file, tell µTorrent where you'd like the torrent contents to be saved. If µTorrent doesn't automatically start downloading, you can start the torrent job manually by selecting the torrent job in the list and pressing the "Start" button on the µTorrent toolbar, or by right-clicking the torrent and selecting "Start".

What to do After the Torrent Job Finishes Downloading

After a torrent job finishes downloading, you may view the files that you have downloaded.

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