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You may want to torrent something from time to time but not every place on earth is a rose garden for the torrent folk. Despite the recent failing of the six strike system in the USA, anti-piracy organizations are still kicking around. Torrenting is often banned completely and it does not even matter that you really want to download Linux. It is fortunate that there are ways around. I would like to introduce you to VPN and Cloud torrenting


Let us look at the VPN first. What does it even mean? Well, virtual private network. For the purposes of explanation, let's say this service changes your IP address to a shared private IP which is not associated with your location or your computer.

VPNs are mainly useful to bypass location related content block. Example: You really want to watch BBC but you are in Italy. Well, you can just change your IP to a UK one and watch what you want. VPNs are also used to hide your IP while you torrent but not every VPN can be utilized for BitTorrent. Make sure to do your research. I can personally recommend PIA but I haven't used it for torrenting. I just know it is not a scam, it is reliable and your IP is actually changed.

Cloud Torrenting

There are a bunch of services you can use but the general idea is the same. Torrenting itself is done by the service provider- not by you. This means your IP is not in any way connected to the other users in the network.

A torrent downloaded to a distant server can be then downloaded to your PC/Mac, iOS, Android… However, there are again problems you need to be aware of.

Make sure the service you pick has SSL encryption. SSL hides the data communication between you and the service provider so you stay. You should also be mindful of reliability. Many cloud torrent services are quite bad as they are not able to maintain their servers running without problems. I can Recommend

I personally prefer cloud torrent clients like You can use it on any platform, it is safe, and it offers media streaming. This is really useful on iPhone and iPad, where you can't really download half of the file formats no matter what you do.

Final Words

I should add that you can use free VPNs or free plans of the cloud torrenting services but they are usually not that amazing. Free VPNs can be especially bad… They don't work most of the time.

If you really want to use any of those mentioned you should be willing to pay. It is not exciting news but the providers need to pay their bills somehow, I guess.

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