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Forum Thread: How to Safely Torrent Using Modern Methods and More...

You may want to torrent something from time to time but not every place on earth is a rose garden for the torrent folk. Despite the recent failing of the six strike system in the USA, anti-piracy organizations are still kicking around. Torrenting is often banned completely and it does not even matter that you really want to download Linux. It is fortunate that there are ways around. I would like to introduce you to VPN and Cloud torrenting

Forum Thread: Move Files to Specific Folders Based on Name

I've been trying to write a script that copies files containing a specific word to their corrosponding folder after they are downloaded. For example, If I just downloaded an episode of Peron Of Interest and the word "Interest" was in the file name, I would want the file to be moved to G:\tv shows\Person of Interest. While I was doing research on this I ran across this article

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