How To: Download a torrent for the first time

Download a torrent for the first time

This video tutorial from JdudeTutorials presents how to download a torrent for the first time.To start, open your Internet browser. Browse to utorrent web page.Download and install uTorrent client version, suitable for your operating system (MacOS or Windows).Once you've installed application, browse to The Pirate Bay.This is the largest torrent source in the world.Check Video option under the search bar and type family guy (as an example).Click Enter. A list of torrents connected to family guy will appear. Note two listing categories: SE and LE that is seeders and leechers.Torrents with a greater number of seeders are much more faster to download while leeched torrents are very slow or don't have download speed at all.Sort torrents with the biggest seeder number by clicking SE button.The torrents list will regroup, having more seeded torrents on top.Green arrow icons indicate download link, yellow bubbles-comments, pink skulls-trusted users, and yellow skulls VIP users.Choose highest seeded torrent link with less leechers and press it.It will automatically open in utorrent application and download process will start.

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