How To: Make Torrent download faster

Make Torrent download faster

This video explains how to make your bittorent client download faster. To increase torrent downloads increase your upload capacity to max, enable port forwarding if you have a router hub or firewall that blocks ports, and download torrents with a lot of seeds.

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I love idiots that Post videos pedaling there crap software.

There are hundred of these types of videos that provide no helpful information, doing nothing other then trying to sale software that is designed to track your moments and downloads.

Leave the tweaking up to the torrent software designers and get the tips you are look for from them, not what? you find? on Youtube....

Use your brain!!!

Hey thanks for the instructions! One question! You said go to the website and look for my router name... How do I check what my router name is? I hope this makes a difference! Thanks!

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