How To: Make uTorrent downloads go faster

Make uTorrent downloads go faster

If you are a user of the system uTorrent then you know sometimes your downloads can take longer then they should or maybe longer then you want to wait. So, to fix this problem watch this video and find out how to get those downloads to go quicker in a few very fast and very easy steps. First, you want to right click on your download and then highlight "Bandwidth allowance" and from there click on "High". Now, in that same box go to "Set upload speed" and put it at 10 kb/s. Again, in that same box now go to "Set download limit" and select "unlimited". Make sure to only download 1 thing at a time and to do that just go to "Options" then "Preferences" then "Queuing" and from there set it to 1 so you'll only download one thing at a time. Press OK and you're all done your download should speed up as soon as your done.

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