How To: Open a port for torrent downloading

Open a port for torrent downloading

This video tutorial shows how to open a port for torrent downloading on your computer.

Click Start menu, type cmd command in Search area. In cmd window type ipconfig and press Enter. Remember or write down your IP adress. Type exit and press Enter to close cmd window.

Press Start menu again, select Control Panel. Double click Internet Connections.

Double click your current LAN connection. Click Properties. Select Internet Protocol TCP from list. Click Properties. Check use the following IP address option and enter IP address you remember from cmd window.

Enter gateway, DNS server addresses. Click OK and close Internet Connections windows.

In your internet browser enter your IP address. Click Advanced Setup-Nat.

Enter port number you want to open.Click Save.

Now download and install torrent client ( Open client once it's installed.

Click Options-Preferences-Connections, and set port number you've opened.

Click OK.

From you can get torrent data. Select torrent you like and press Download. You now can download torrents via opened port.

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