How To: Use BitTorrent and download Torrents

Use BitTorrent and download Torrents

Torrents can also be used to download trial software quicker than regular speeds, if you have enough seeders and such, and the direct download speed is really slow. [P]

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how to download using bit torrent

Very informative,but I have a problem. I have prem. pro cs4 downloaded now what? I try to learn as much as possible but I'm self teaching myself and I am stumped can you help?

Indeed i like the video very much!!!! Am new to torrent downloads and i would like to learn more about the stuff. me try to download from isohunt and i have seen my download sped increasing. Thanks!!! but i want to try also the site u named I have notice that the registration is always CLOSED!!!! dont knw why they do that!! as u told in ur video, i need an invitation code to get access to the site. Can u send it to me????

thanks in advance ;-)

thanks for the tutorial! i'm new to this torrent stuff?! so its kind of confusing using a website to download.. i used to use Acquisition for MAC so it wasnt AS confusing... i'm seeing that i would need an invitation code to get acess to certain sites.. care to share?! :)

thanks so much!

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